Tomorrow is last day of the exhibition !

Dear Everybody who come to HASE 8th exhibition [ Clumsy ]

Thank you very much for coming ,seeing my drawings and drawing !
Tomorrow is last day of the exhibition !!
I will waiting for you at the gallery.

HASE 8th Exhibiton [ Clumsy ]

6th Thursday _ 16th Sunday October 2011
Wednesday _ Sunday , 12:00 ~ 18:00

A 104/106 Faircham Trading Estate ,8-12 Creekside ,Deptford ,London,SE8 3DX

Thank you very much.


「There is no one that doesn't change,Don't be afraid of it.」
by live drawing at the HASE 8th exhibition [ Clumsy ] ,

But, I simply afraid of any change , it is also today's me ,I admit that today's me,then go to next stage.

I started to connecting your color and form , your color and form and my clumsy color and form.

Thank you very much for letting me draw on your book !
I enjoyed that !!