New drawing

「Everybody were sweet for me ,I was happy .」

Because I think you have done your best , and because everyone also has done one's best.

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HASEの絵の原画 「恥ずかしくない」 が旅立ちました。

HASE's original drawing [I'm not ashamed.] was sold out.
Mr Ichizawa , Thank you so much .


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*The schedule of HASE in future.

・2012_4_6_Friday ~ 4_25_Wednesday
Gallery near feature exhibition [ NEW GATE ~新しい扉~]
12:00 ~ 22:00 ( the last day is until 17:00 )
closed : Thursday

at cafe dining near gallery "L" and " S "
606-8227 京都市左京区田中里ノ前町34-2

It is group exhibition by 6 artists .
We will do live painting at gallery L , also we will show some of our works that was drawn by themed ”New Gate” at gallery S .

期間中、gallery L でライブペイント、gallery S で[ NEW GATE ~新しい扉~]がテーマの作品を展示、販売されます。

                    • I am looking for any good place for show in any country HASE's drawings :)
                    • どこかで、またHASEの絵を展示できる場所探しています。(*v*)

*You can buy 「HASE Drawing book」(Only English edition) at bookartbookshop.
17 Pitfield street,London,N1 6HB
Tube:Old street
Open: Wednesday_Friday ,1 _ 7 pm, Saturday 12 _ 6 pm

*You can read The short story of HASE and HASE's art on Aine's blog.
Also I answered some questions about my drawing from this blog's owner.

*You can see two HASE's Drawings
at page of Curated By: Yuck on HUH. magazine.

*If you would like to get HASE's original drawings , postcards and HASE's drawing Book,etc Please feel free send email to HASE []. Many thanks.